Kid's Country is a Seattle Child Care Provider You Can Trust

As a full-service, licensed, and family owned business, Kid’s Country was established with the goal to promote a safe and nurturing learning environment that stimulates your child’s growth. Our curriculum, activities, and room arrangements are all tailored to be age appropriate. Additionally, our curriculum follows both weekly and monthly themes.

A Typical Day at Kid’s Country

A typical day at Kid’s Country will include activities like reading, looking at books, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, cutting, pasting, painting, assembling art projects, experimenting, exploring, and enjoying the environment. One of our primary areas of focus is meeting each child’s individual needs. We encourage children to progress at their own pace and they are placed in the classroom that will help them the best. This encourages self-confidence and healthy growth which results in a strong, positive self-image.

In fact, the Kid's Country motto is to allow children to love, laugh, learn, and grow. By keeping the environment fun and positive, we create a safe haven—a home away from home—for your children. All of our classrooms are warm, cozy, and filled with personal touches that allow your kids to feel comfortable. It is our responsibility to work in partnership with your family and help enhance and support, not replace, the relationship between parents and children.

Teacher Training

One of the ways we do this is by placing a high priority on ongoing training for our managers and staff. Every month each of our teachers is trained on a different topic relating to child care and the issues we face in providing for your children. This allows us to better meet the needs of the kids we care for, as well as to provide a better, cleaner, happier, and safer environment.

Safe Atmosphere

At Kid’s Country, we take the safety of your children very seriously. All of our facilities are equipped with pass card protected entrances. We are also alerted to those arriving and exiting through the main entrance. In order to gain admittance, an entry reader card must be used, though we do have a doorbell available to notify our staff of any guests or parents who need access. Additional surveillance equipment is installed throughout each center to help monitor classrooms and provide an added measure of safety and security for your children.

We hope you can see how important caring for your children is to all of us at Kid’s Country. We pride ourselves on being a premier and trustworthy child care provider for the Seattle area. Watching your kids grow and learn gives us joy and fulfillment. If you like what you see, we invite you to learn more by touring one of our facilities. Hopefully you’ll then apply for admission, which is granted without discrimination or regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, or religion.

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