How Daycare Can Help Prepare Your Child for School

Many parents and working mothers experience anxiety when it comes to leaving their children in the care of someone else. It’s difficult to know for sure how the caregivers will treat, encourage, and uplift your child. Whether choosing a nanny or a daycare center, mothers should conduct a lot of research to find the right fit for their children.

Once you’ve overcome the difficulty of finding the right daycare provider, your child will have access to many wonderful benefits. Unlike a nanny or other individual caregiver, daycare centers provide children with important social interaction.

Among other benefits, daycare also provides a smooth transition from preschool to an actual school environment. While at-home kids have trouble adjusting to the new schedule and challenges of school, kids who attend daycare have no problem transitioning.

Daycare and School: Providing Stepping Stones

Once your child begins attending school, their schedule becomes much more structured. They’ll need to know when to stay quiet and when to let loose, as well as how to deal with other children who they may not like. All children have to learn these behaviors, so time spent in daycare helps them prepare for the future in a variety of ways:

1. Social Behaviors and Skills

While in daycare, your child may learn any of the following behavioral and social skills:

  • Sharing toys and attention
  • Problem solving
  • Keeping a schedule
  • Productive play time
  • Saying sorry
  • Group contribution

When school starts, children who have experienced daycare will be much more prepared for the challenges and tasks of regular school. They gain many important skills, like empathizing with their peers. This head start will give them a boost in school and in life.

2. Emotional Preparation

Many children attending school for the first time may struggle with separation anxiety. For some, this anxiety can grow to where it completely prevents any productive learning time. Help your child avoid this emotional trauma by choosing daycare. In daycare, your child will experience new and unknown places and people and become familiar and capable on their own.

When they get the snack table ready or choose how to spend their free time, children in daycare learn independence. As this independence develops over time, your child will feel confident about spending time away from home and family—he or she will have no problem adjusting to long hours at school.

If your child has rarely ventured from home, he or she may feel overwhelmed by interacting with or playing in large groups. At daycare, children learn about peer interaction and safety. This experience will give them the emotional maturity they need to enjoy their time at school and during recess.

3. Academic Advantages

Although many parents attempt to teach their children academic skills early on, daycare programs find interesting and creative ways to help children learn. Letter blocks, rhyming, storytelling, and matching games all contribute to brain development. What might seem like simple games to you are actually activities that help create neural pathway connections.

Daycare children begin kindergarten with pre-reading abilities, better basic math skills, and wider vocabularies. Learning-rich environments help our children’s brains develop a greater capacity to learn.

The next time you’re unsure about sending your child to daycare, consider the long-term benefits. Group experiences and settings aid development and growth, so don’t underestimate them. With daycare, you can prepare your child for school in a simple and efficient way.

Infant Daycare: It Benefits Your Children Too

Stimulation during infancy also plays a vital role in their development. For many working parents, leaving an infant in someone else’s care may seem frightening or even impractical. Several mothers suggest a longer maternity leave to help you adjust, but not everyone has this luxury.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you spend some quality time with your infant during the beginning of his or her life. You’ll need to use this early period to bond properly.

You should also investigate child care centers to make sure you feel comfortable about leaving your infant there. When you find the right daycare center for your child, you’ll have a much easier time returning to the workplace.

Daycare centers can give your child needed attention and instruction when your schedule doesn’t permit you to do it yourself. Priorities of child caregivers include:

  • Putting your baby on a predictable sleep schedule
  • Fostering his or her creative skills
  • Giving him or her needed attention and care

Your infant will receive all the love and nurturing he or she needs, you can feel confident that you’ve put your child in good hands while you go to work.


Children and families benefit from daycare. Because your child receives quality care during the day, he or she will develop essential interpersonal skills that’ll help him or her excel later in life. Your child will also be more prepared to face the challenges of attending school when the time comes. Boost your child’s development and preparation by choosing a quality daycare center today.

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