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It’s not easy to leave your child at preschool with people you’re not too familiar with, but you can take comfort in knowing that many Seattle preschools are implementing heightened security measure that will keep your child safe from all types of danger. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in a Washington preschool, especially one in the Seattle metro area, you’ll want to make sure security is always a top priority. If you need to know what to look for, check out our list of recommended security precautions below. If you’re considering a preschool that doesn’t offer these methods, we’d highly advise you to continue your search. It’s never smart to skimp on security.

Pass Card Protected Doors

It’s dangerous when preschools let random strangers enter and exit their doors without putting them through an evaluation process. In an attempt to regulate who enters and exits, many preschools in Washington State are implementing pass card protected doors that only allow access to specific staff members. The pass card protected doors serve as an extra security precaution and allow the child care center to keep track of who’s in the building at all times.


You may not think of a doorbell as a security measure, but numerous preschool centers are using doorbells to keep track of guests who approach the entrance to their center. For more sophisticated security, a camera can be used to actually see the person waiting for admittance. A camera and doorbell can help employees determine who should be let in.

Security Cameras and Surveillance Equipment

It’s important for preschools to install security cameras and other surveillance equipment to monitor a child’s behavior, as well as the behavior of employees. If inappropriate behavior begins to take place, the camera and surveillance equipment will catch it right away. This equipment will provide parents with additional peace of mind.

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